Better Manoeuvrability for Megadyne

Producing more than 3 million belts every year, the Megadyne Group is one of the world’s leading producers of polyurethane belts, rubber belts and pulleys.

At its manufacturing plants in Europe, North America and Asia, Megadyne makes products for most industrial drive applications, with the clothing, automobile, home appliance, door automation and elevator industries among its customers.

Megadyne’s plant in Barcelona province is one of four production centres in Europe, employing around 100 people. The site is responsible for the daily movement of 175,000 items, with material handling equipment working for two shifts of eight hours, a total of 16 hours, every day.

Space within the factory is limited. The Vilanova site was experiencing significant problems with its older material handling equipment, as the turning radius of the trucks was wide, making it difficult for operators to turn the forklifts quickly and efficiently in narrow aisles. The drivers had said they were uncomfortable and struggling with poor visibility through the masts.

In selecting its new material handling fleet, Megadyne needed trucks to be able to reach a wide range of lifting heights, as well as working efficiently in the narrow aisles.

As part of his review process, Mr.Carlos Alvarez, Logisitics Manager, consulted with Cesab dealership Repcar Valles, which has worked with Megadyne since 2008.

After a detailed survey, Repcar Valles recommended the Cesab B300 3-wheel electric forklift range and the Cesab P320 powered pallet truck to Megadyne. As a result of this Megadyne selected five Cesab B318s and P320s for its warehouse, production and shipping areas.

The Cesab B300 range is ideal for handling product in areas where space is restricted. Its compact design allows exceptional manoeuvrability and a spacious operator compartment and comfortable driving position help to improve productivity without compromising safety.

The Cesab B300 range provides excellent visibility due to Cesab’s Intelligent Mast Design (IMD) which includes two full free lift (FFL) cylinders that provide operators with superior forward vision through the mast. This helps them to achieve faster and more accurate stacking and loading and unloading operations.

The Cesab P320 powered pallet truck includes a pioneering power steering option with adjustable tiller arm height.

Mr Carlos Alvarez, Megadyne: "We chose Cesab because the machines deliver the performance we need. Our forklift operators are very happy with the ergonomics and the reliability of the trucks. They find them easy to operate and more comfortable.

"The Cesab B318’s excellent ergonomics include a seat that helps to absorbs the impact of uneven floors and easy on and off access for the drivers. The new trucks offer very good manoeuvrability and safety, which have both helped to increase our overall productivity.

"We have worked with Repcar Valles for more than six years and have found their service and support to be excellent. Their advice to upgrade our fleet to the Cesab B300 and P320 ranges has helped to transform our materials handling operation."